Spiritual Awakening : 23 Major Signs + Symptoms You Must Read

Inner Illumination-Spiritual Awakening
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Going through a spiritual awakening is perhaps of the most befuddling, forlorn, distancing, yet extremely beautiful involvement with life.



We have our first encounter with spiritual awakening when we experiencing our breath, crown, and spine softly touching our human ids. Without experiencing a spiritual awakening, we go over the course of life chasing after the vacancy of cash, fame, power, and attempt to find “happiness.”



The agitating and similarly gorgeous thing about spiritual awakenings is they happen basically anticipated times. It is definitely and only extremely impossible to arrange for them.They reeled into the lives of the people of Iowa and stirred things up like cyclones. However, it was the incredibly strong cocktail of time, place, and type of exposure that really made the inescapable cyclones.


Spiritual awakenings are the spirit’s weep for opportunity.
Stand by listening to its call and your life will be changed into something significant and huge.
Deny its call and your life will resemble a burial ground.
In order to help you see that you have not come to the other side of the street, just in case you have encountered a spiritual awakening, you have come to understand that nothing outside of you has ever and can ever give you genuine joy or satisfaction. This significant acknowledgment leaves you longing for something more extravagant, intensely satisfying, and something that you will feel great indeed.
The thought of learning every day is a thought that is difficult to avoid. To clarify, if this is your aspiration or wish, as long as you know this, you most likely have the capacity to find genuine answers to questions. On this page, you will also find every one of the potential assets you want for the start of your process including what spiritual awakening is, normal spiritual awakening symptoms, and considerably more.
In the event that you feel this page might assist a companion or relative with shutting to you, if it’s not too much trouble, share it and pass along this essential data.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?


What is the meaning of spiritual awakening?


Spiritual Awakening is the experience of finding a profound connection with the universe, your true inner self, and the divine. Spiritual Awakening is a profound, life-altering, and once-in-a-lifetime experience that changes everything. Spiritual Awakening is a series of intense, profound, and life-changing experiences that occur as a result of being exposed to certain triggering factors and experiences. The Spiritual Awakening process is a series of spiritual awakening signs and symptoms that occur over a period of time as a result of being exposed to certain triggering factors and experiences.
As we go through the spiritual awakening (otherwise called spiritual rising), we begin to scrutinize our old beliefs, propensities, and moral self-sufficiency, and see that there is something else to life besides what we have been instructed.’
It is normal to pose inquiries, for example, “What am I doing here?” “What is the motivation behind my life?” “What occurs in the afterlife?” “For what reason truly do great individuals endure?” and different inquiries that look at the major idea of life during your awakening. Spiritual awakenings mix the most profound and most critical inquiries inside us that we have been putting off asking or have been too terrified to even consider contacting.

If you’ve encountered a spiritual awakening, you could pine for to find the significance of your life and whether there is a “higher state” of being. Looking for God, or for the Divine, is a typical craving during this experience.


My Experience With the Spiritual Awakening Process
Inner Illumination-My Experience With the Spiritual Awakening Process

I encountered the starting points of my spiritual awakening in 2010: around then, I was profoundly programmed and caught in a universe of religious lessons that grew out of the Christian church I was naturally introduced to..
However, something was destroying me. I started to uncertainty, question, and sense that there was something else to life besides my taught viewpoint, and I felt profoundly lost and alone. I had nobody beyond the congregation that I felt open to conversing with about my sentiments. I had no evident companions to trust in – and my family didn’t have any idea – or rather, didn’t have any desire to. Subsequently, I felt so distanced and choked with dejection that I created a spirit of dread, medical problems, obsessive compulsive disorder, and persistent tension, the last option going on for a long time.
Like Neo in the film The Matrix, I was being offered the red and blue pill. Would it be advisable for me to keep taking the blue pill and stay in my agreeable obliviousness? Or on the other hand would it be advisable for me to take the red pill and be free (however experience the aggravation of awakening)?
Long story short, I picked the red pill. It was difficult from the outset. I would frequently convey the unfaltering vibe that I was falling unendingly through a void of obscurity. The Dark Night of the Soul slid rapidly upon me. Also, eventually, I had no fucking thought what was occurring and thought without a doubt I was losing it (or would consume in damnation forever).
Be that as it may, it was WORTH all the agony and penance. No lament. How much development, love, change, and opportunity I’ve encountered since picking the ‘red pill’ has been thoroughly stunning, extraordinary, and unimaginably significant.

For what reason Did Your Spiritual Awakening Happen?


Inner Illumination- For what reason Did Your Spiritual Awakening Happen

All in all, for what reason do spiritual awakenings occur in any case?
Spiritual awakenings occurs as a characteristic result of your Soul developing, growing, and developing. Similarly as all that in life develops, so too does our association with our Souls.
The more you associate with your Soul (whether incidentally or purposefully), the more you experience change. The more you come to typify your Soul, the more you taste valid and enduring satisfaction, harmony, satisfaction, opportunity, and love.
While the spiritual awakening interaction can be intense for some, at the beginning it can feel absurd, but it can at last assist you in carrying on with a more significant life. The vibe that your life doesn’t seem OK any longer is the result of having every one of your previous convictions, wants, and standards tested and frequently disproven. This is horrible, yet a fundamental piece of your development.

What Triggers the Spiritual Awakening Process?


You may be interested to realize what enacts spiritual awakenings.
The response is that incalculable conditions can set off this cycle! There truly is nobody reply.
Spiritual awakenings can occur all of a sudden or period in your life. They can be unconstrained, yet they can likewise be set off by significant life altering events, sicknesses, misfortunes, and injuries like hazardous ailments, fender benders, divorces, war, emotional meltdowns, and substantially more.
Awakening can likewise occur because of your demeanor. For example, you may be a well grounded person or a touchy empath essentially (these sorts of individuals are more ‘connected to’ the extraordinary side of life). Besides, for certain individuals, spiritual awakenings are even set off by profound yet testing twin fire connections.
The spiritual awakening, as a rule, process occurs related to an encounter known as The Dark Night of the Soul.

The Dark Night of the Soul and Awakening
Inner Illumination-The Dark Night of the Soul and Awakening


Assuming you are profoundly delicate to the enduring of others and are a significant knowledge to be weighed upon, it is conceivable that you have gone through, or are as of now going through, a Dark Night of the Soul.

The Dark Night of the Soul is a period in life when you experience a particular sensation detached from the Divine. The more mindful you happen to your disengagement from the Divine, the more types of occurances you can encounter, over a limited period of time.
Going through a Dark Night of the Soul is significantly weaved with the course of spiritual awakening. Prior to seeing the light (for example spiritually awakening) we should “stroll through the valley of the shadow of death” to set up our brains and hearts for the cognizant overhaul.
Simply contemplate the similarity of getting dressed. To wear new clothes, you should remove the old ones. That, more or less, is basically what’s going on with the Dark Night of the Soul. The old should be stripped away to clear a path for the new. This implies that the enduring you experience during the Dark Night of the Soul is for a specific reason – and that is the obliteration of the old (obsolete convictions, characters, propensities) to clear way for new approaches to being.
This life is a pattern of birth and death. Thusly, going through the Dark night is certainly not a pretty or manicured insight – at its center, it’s crude, basic and the most troublesome experience known to humankind. The life of everyone has a special place for something or someone very precious. At the same time, everyone has a place for something that is not so precious or that is not so pleasant to a degree.
There are approaches to accelerating the dark night (like accomplishing inner work) which we have studied on this site broadly. I have gone through a dark night of the soul, and have tried to keep your hat on, inner work is crucial. It is similar to the contrast between allowing a few of your old clothes to tumble to the ground, or effectively pulling them off yourself (which is a long, unhygienic, and tedious process), but there is a greater benefit to focusing on the process of letting go of your old self. When you are in the midst of the dark night, it is not useful to think about the benefits of living a more spiritual life, or about the benefits of living a more spiritual life.
Signs you may be encountering a Dark Night of the Soul (alongside a spiritual awakening) incorporate the accompanying:
  • You feel isolated from everything (others, yourself, life overall)
  • You feel abandoned by god/the divine
  • Your temperament is quite often low and melancholic
  • You’re lost and don’t know which direction is right
  • You feel misery and horror while noticing the world
  • You feel a feeling of existential dread
  • You feel profound tiredness in your bones
  • You come up short on inspiration to continue to do what you used to
  • You’ve lost keen on most things
  • You continue to contemplate the profound inquiries of life (for example “what is the reason?”)
  • You feel as you don’t have a place on this planet.


This list isn’t comprehensive, so remember you may be encountering signs that are excluded here. You can require our free Dark Night of the Soul test in the event that you really want more explanation.

7 Spiritual Awakening Stages


When the spiritual awakening process is complicated, diverse, and different for everyone, it can’t be squeezed into neat categories.
While it is useful to have a sort of “map” to locate your present state, it is also useful to have a “map” which will give a rough idea of where you’re going in your spiritual awakening process:

Stage 1 – Unhappiness, misery, and feeling lost


In this stage, you experience the previously mentioned Dark Night of the Soul. This is a period of disarray, disengagement, estrangement, despondency, and incredible misery with life. You are looking for something, however you don’t exactly have the foggiest idea what. There is an incredible approaching vacancy within you. This stage either arises suddenly or because of a day to day existence emergency (for example separation, separate, passing, injury, disease, significant life altering event).

Stage 2 – Shifting points of view


You begin to see reality in a very surprising manner. In this stage, you begin seeing through the untruths and fancies engendered by society. You feel discontent with life, upset by the enduring you see and miserable to the ills of the world. You never again see life as you once did in your past condition of self-satisfied ignorance.

Stage 3 – Seeking answers and importance


There should be a highlight this, correct? In this stage, you’re posing every one of the profound inquiries. You are looking for your life reason, spiritual predetermination, and the importance of life itself. You will begin fiddling with various powerful, self improvement, and recondite fields in the quest for answers and truth. Your attention is on starting your spiritual hunt.

Stage 4 – Finding answers and experiencing breakthroughs


After a great deal of soul looking, you’ll track down a couple of educators, practices, or conviction frameworks that facilitate your existential suffering.(Beware: a ton of spiritual bypassing can happen in this stage.) You will feel a feeling of extension as old examples break up and your actual self (soul) starts to arise. You might have various enchanted encounters or brief snapshots of satori (spiritual illumination) that give you a brief look into a definitive nature of the real world. This is a period of satisfaction, trust, association, and stunningness.

Stage 5 – Disillusionment and feeling lost once more


Life is about development. With the spiritual awakening process, there is generally an ebb and a stream. In this stage, you become exhausted and worn out on your spiritual educators or practices. You might become disappointed by the artificial spiritual BS out there and pine for something more profound. You might have even experienced significant stretches of association with the Divine, just to become isolated once more (this is typical). Naturally, you’ll feel upset and profoundly irritated about this experience. Moreover, while you might have encountered numerous psychological/close to home/spiritual forward leaps, they could feel shallow. You hunger for realness and for profound spirituality that penetrates your life and changes all aspects of you. The despondency and stagnation you feel will persuade you to go in look for more.

Stage 6 – Deeper inner work


In this stage, you’re not keen on fiddling with feel-great spiritual methods of reasoning or surface practices any longer. The withstanding torment you feel inside propels you to accomplish profound inner work. You might turn into a serious understudy of contemplation, care, custom, inner kid work, shadow work, body work or different other transpersonal methods of reasoning.

Stage 7 – Integration, development, joy


Integration implies taking the spiritual examples you’ve gained from your inner work and applying them to your day to day routine. Integration happens both normally and deliberately as a propensity in profound spiritual practice. In this stage, you’ll encounter the most significant and durable changes profound inside. Many individuals experience delayed enchanted encounters and times of solidarity with the Divine in the reconciliation stage. Recall that edification, or full self-acknowledgment, is rarely ensured: we can take a stab at it, however it is eventually a gift from Life. By and by, significant harmony, love, and happiness arise and are felt in this stage. You might feel ready to be a spiritual tutor or good example locally and give your knowledge to other people. Life will turn out to be less about you and more about We. Your point of view will extend and you will begin seeing things from the higher perspective. Regardless of anything else, you will feel associated, content with yourself, and profoundly lined up with life.
Note: it is normal to move to and fro between these spiritual awakening stages. Recollect that this is definitely not a straight interaction – you can’t simply move from A to B to C. This is a mind boggling and untidy way, so it’s completely fine in the event that it doesn’t seem to be something I’ve portrayed. Your spiritual awakening process is novel to you. However, I really do trust this analysis has helped (here and there) you to ‘acquire your heading.’

23 Spiritual Awakening Signs and Symptoms


Inner Illumination-23 Spiritual Awakening Signs and Symptoms

There are numerous spiritual awakening symptoms. As a matter of fact, spiritual awakening symptoms are close to home as well as mental and, surprisingly, physical. The following are 23 of the most well-known symptoms out there.
See how many you can identify with:
1. You feel like your life is misleading
2. You craving for importance and reason
3. You start posing profound inquiries
4. You understand that a ton of what you’ve been instructed is obviously false
5. You feel totally lost and alone
6. You see through the deceptions of society
7. You perceive how troubled a great many people are
8. You need to ‘cleanse’ your life
9. You start encountering profound sympathy and empathy
10. You want to be distant from everyone else
11. Discussions appear to be shallow
12. You need to leave your place of employment
13. You hunger for validness and truth
14. You become mindful of your old negative propensities
15. You experience uneasiness or potentially wretchedness
16. You become more touchy
17. You need to make the world a superior spot
18. You profoundly need to comprehend what your identity is
19. Your instinct is increased
20. Greater synchronicity
21. You feel more marvel and interest
22. You start to love unconditionally
23. You see that we are each of the One
I’ll develop these signs underneath:

1. You feel like your life is misleading


All that you have accepted, constructed, and pursued is by all accounts misleading. Your life doesn’t feel like it’s your own. You never again feel such as yourself – almost all that you once partook in no longer brings you importance or fulfillment.
2. You craving for importance and reason
You profoundly want to track down the importance of your life. You have no clue about what your motivation is, however you need to frantically track down it. There’s a feeling that something is “absent” within you (like a piece of your spirit).

3. You start posing profound inquiries


Questions, for example, “What am I doing here?” “What’s the reason for life?” “What occurs after we kick the bucket?” “For what reason in all actuality do individuals endure?” emerge. You start thinking all the more logically. Such significant considerations may extraordinarily upset you as you don’t have the foggiest idea about the responses.
4. You understand that a ton of what you’ve been instructed is obviously false
You begin to perceive the number of convictions, sentiments, and values are not really your own, yet others’ or acquired from your way of life. You are filling in mindfulness.
5. You feel totally lost and alone
Nothing in your life appears to seem OK any longer. You feel like you’re meandering through an unending wild. As a drifter, you feel totally alone and cut off from individuals. You battle to connect with those you once felt near (for example your companions, work partners, and relatives).
6. You see through the deceptions of society
Realism, achievement, and benefit presently not matter to you. You begin feeling like you’re a gear-tooth in the machine of society.
7. You perceive how troubled a great many people are
You stir to the misery and enduring of others. You might begin to investigate activism or read more about the human condition. It is torturing for you to acknowledge how much agony there is on the planet.
8. You need to ‘cleanse’ your life
You’re weary of feeling abandoned, discouraged, and sad. Out of nowhere, you want to improve and clean up your life. This could mean cutting binds with harmful individuals, reconsidering your propensities, tossing out old things, migrating to a new position or spot to live, or in any event, offering the vast majority of what you own.
9. You start encountering profound sympathy and empathy
As you begin focusing closer on the numerous difficulties looked by mankind and nature the same, you foster more empathy. Your inborn sympathy is stirred and you might find it hard to adapt to the power of your sentiments. This is a critical point in your inner change: you either numb the torment you feel with addictions, or you track down solid ways of tolerating and express your feelings.
10. You want to be distant from everyone else
You want isolation. Though when you might have been outgoing, presently you experience the withdrawn side of your tendency. You invest a great deal of energy introspecting and partaking in the quietness. At each expense, you attempt to lessen social contact. As of now, you might move away from numerous lifelong companions.
11. Discussions appear to be shallow
At the point when you in all actuality do converse with individuals you feel an intense feeling of division. You understand that not very many individuals are alright with discussing energy, feelings, meaning and the spirit. In discussions, you feel fretful and bothered by the casual banter. You quietly shout, “Mightn’t anybody at any point awaken and acknowledge what’s going on?” Your aversion for unimportant chatter brings you more into isolation. You might turn into an independent person or defiant nonconformist.
12. You need to leave your place of employment
Despite the fact that you worked for quite a long time earning your college education, laying out your profession, and climbing the positions, you feel only void. Your work no longer gives you the feeling of satisfaction that you want. You frantically long for more.
13. You hunger for validness and truth
Being consistent with yourself becomes main concern. You disdain faking and putting on the old covers that you used to wear. You need to be totally credible. Affectation causes you to feel debilitated and sickened.
14. You become mindful of your old negative propensities
You are agonizingly mindful of your defects and horrendous things to do. Inside you emerges a compelling impulse to start all over again and begin once again.
15. You experience uneasiness or potentially wretchedness
You might go through profound episodes of existential discouragement or industrious tension. The shock of diving into your awakening leaves you feeling shaky. You might be misdiagnosed with a psychological maladjustment. Vulnerability and dread chase after you all over the place.
16. You become more touchy
Everything influences you more. You feel the energy of others all the more emphatically, the aggravation of your friends and family all the more strongly, and the challenges in life more profound than any time in recent memory. Simultaneously, you feel a sublimely improved association with creatures and nature. You begin feeling more at ease inside the regular world (as opposed to the artificial world).
17. You need to make the world a superior spot
No matter what, you need to leave the world a superior spot. You begin dreaming ‘higher perspective.’ This yearning to have a genuine effect means effectively helping other people or finding a daily existence reason that lines up with this longing.
18. You profoundly need to comprehend what your identity is
Vast inquiries emerge about your character and your life, for instance, “Who am I?” “For what reason was I conceived?” “What am I here to do?” “What is the motivation behind my reality?” thus, you start reading numerous self improvement guides and spiritual texts. No big surprise you wound up here. :- )
19. Your instinct is increased
Progressively you start to pay attention to the still, little voice inside. You permit it to direct your choices and you might get secret messages from your oblivious psyche. You might try and interact with your soul guides, soul creature, or other spiritual aides. In the end, you begin to uncover your secret spiritual gifts and abilities on account of figuring out how to trust your instinct.
20. Greater synchronicity
You begin becoming aware of the many signs and signs that life brings to you. Life turns out to be substantially more open and intelligent with you. Good fortune and a sensation that this has happened before increment. You might try and go through various magical encounters.
21. You feel more marvel and interest
The littlest things begin to give you pleasure and joy: a falling leaf, a cobweb’s, a kid’s giggling, a puddle. Life is not generally disregarded – it is viewed as enchanted, astounding and wonderful.
22. You start to love unconditionally
As the hindrances of the self image breakdown, you start to cherish others without assumptions or conditions (this incorporates confidence). You lose interest in show, struggle, and whatever propagates contempt.

23. You see that we are each of the One


Besides the fact that you mentally comprehend that we are undeniably interconnected, however you feel it profoundly inside your bones. You understand that our considerations and convictions impact reality, and that we are sections of one extraordinary Whole – that is, Spirit. Having completely encountered that we are this Oneness, you discover a real sense of reconciliation finally. Here and there this stage can require years or even a whole lifetime.

Physical Spiritual Awakening Symptoms


Physical signs clearly contrast for everybody. The following are a couple of symptoms that I have seen inside myself and numerous other people who have started the spiritual awakening process:
  • Enhancement of sense. For instance, your sight, hearing, taste, contact as well as smell becomes heightened. You might try and find that you’re a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).
  • You find food narrow mindedness’ that you never appeared to have (or maybe weren’t focusing on). For example Sensitivity to wheat, nuts, vegetables, soy, flavors
  • Changed resting designs, for example you rest more or experience more upset rest, frequently causing sleep deprivation
  • Vivid dreams – your dreams become scary, bizarre or intense
  • Dizziness – feeling lightheaded because of being ungrounded during the day
  • Weight change – either acquiring or losing a ton of weight
  • Changed eating habits – what you once loved eating no longer requests to you. Additionally, you might long for to explore different avenues regarding different food varieties that you’ve never attempted/enjoyed
  • Variances in energy – feeling less stimulated than you used to
  • Diminished or expanded sex drive
  • Diminished insusceptible capability (more disease) and at last expanded invulnerable working
It is remarkable to encounter these actual spiritual awakening symptoms without a moment’s delay (a couple is more probable). In the event that you have seen a quick change in your wellbeing during this period, it very well may be because of the exceptional adjust in your perspective body-soul association. In the event that not a great explanation can be found, (for example, earlier disease, family stress, injury, relationship total implosion and so on) don’t preclude a more magical clarification.
In the event that you might want to affirm that you’re going through a spiritual awakening, go ahead and take our Spiritual Awakening Test.

3 Spiritual Awakening Myths


There’s a ton of information on the web about spiritual awakening symptoms, what spirtually awakening is, and the signs of spiritual awakening.
As somebody who has gone through an awakening cycle and directed numerous others on their spiritual processes, here are a portion of the top spiritual awakening fantasies out there:
Myth 1 – Once you spiritually stir, you become in a split second edified. Reality: Enlightenment, for the vast majority, happens step by step in waves. We go through layers and patterns of shedding the past and developing into our ‘new skin. In a few uncommon cases, enlightenment (or association with our True Nature) happens very much like that. In any case, the awakening system is a gradual course of spiritual speculative chemistry for by far most of individuals.

Myth 2 – Being spiritually conscious means continuously encountering love, light, and happiness. Reality: Yes, we could go through times of love, light, and happiness. However, these encounters are transitory: they travel every which way. It’s unreasonable to anticipate that ourselves should just at any point experience one sort of state as we are diverse creatures. Furthermore, that is fine.

Myth 3 – Only an intriguing and first class assortment of individuals experience awakening symptoms. Reality: You wouldn’t believe the number of individuals who have gone through spiritual awakenings. Not an encounter’s saved for the ‘raised,’ rich, or ‘exceptional’ individuals. It can happen to in a real sense anybody in any situation.

Spiritual Awakening Q&A


Inner Illumination-Spiritual Awakening Q&A

Here are the responses to a few usually gotten clarification on pressing issues:
For what reason does spiritual awakening occur?

There are many justifications for why the spiritual awakening process occurs. Significant life altering events, misfortunes, misfortunes, wellbeing emergencies, marriage, divorces, and different achievements can frequently set off another point of view. In any event, spiritual awakenings happen when the spirit is ready to go through a course of change – and that happens at various minutes for everybody (in the event that it occurs by any stretch of the imagination).


Many people give a few explanations. For example, they say it’s the result of a profound encounter or association with the True Nature. Others say it’s a wake up call to a misused or under-utilized part of the brain. Others say it’s the result of a life pivot or a major life change.


How long does a spiritual awakening last?


The spiritual awakening process is supposed to be a long lasting excursion – when it starts, it goes on forever. Nonetheless, the power of awakening shifts and frequently we go through peaceful and quiet periods, trailed by tumultuous and serious times of progress. We must respect this rhythmic movement of change, seeing it as an energetic and steadily streaming excursion, not a static and oddball objective.

What to do after a spiritual awakening?


Subsequent to going through a spiritual awakening, you really should investigate every one of the different spiritual ways accessible to you. Go with your heart and senses, and pick a way that calls to you. It’s additionally pivotal to rehearse some type of inner work while strolling your own way to guarantee that you’re developing, remaining grounded, and mending inner injuries that might disrupt your advancement.

For what reason did I have a spiritual awakening?


There are many justifications for why you might have had a spiritual awakening. We realize that awakenings are set off by enormous life altering events, breakdowns, forward leaps, and horrendous circumstances. Yet, why you had a spiritual awakening is basic: Life concluded you were ready to at last awaken.

Spiritual Awakening and Inner Work


Spiritual awakenings mark the start of our spiritual ways.
Be that as it may, you may be asking yourself, “What do I do now?”
Inner work is the mental and spiritual act of plunging profound into your inner self for the reasons for self-investigation, self-grasping, spiritual mending, and change. It assists with developing and work with your course of spiritual awakening.
Does your spiritual awakening cause you to feel lost, overpowered, and alone in this world? We composed The Spiritual Awakening Process to help recently stirred individuals gain the information and instruments fundamental for discovering a true sense for finding peace, hope, clarity, and deep inner healing.
In The Spiritual Awakening Process, we walk you through the early phases of reconnecting with the cherishing and unceasingly savvy place inside you known as your Soul. A portion of the points covered include:
  • What is happening to you
  • Why you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening
  • The three internal spiritual worlds to explore
  • How to recover and integrate any fragmented pieces of your psyche
  • What spiritual “traps” you need to be mindful of, and aware of
  • How to communicate with your soul
With the utmost sincerity, I trust this article has assisted with supporting you somehow or another during your course of awakening. Kindly know that you’re in good company. You’re not going off the deep end. What’s more, we’re here to help and support you – as a matter of fact, this whole site is. It’s our central goal and reason throughout everyday life.

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