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Inner Illumination-Temperance Tarot Card Meanings
The Temperance Tarot card shows a huge, winged angel who is both manly and female. She wears a light blue robe with a triangle encased in a square on the front, addressing that people (the triangle) are limited by the Earth and regular regulation (square).
The angel adjusts between one foot on the rocks, communicating the need to remain grounded, and one foot in the water, demonstrating the should be in flow. She pours water between two cups, representative of the flow and alchemy of life. The angel’s wings spread out in the middle of the card to show the balance of the body and mind.
Behind the scenes, there is a wrapping way up to a mountain range, mirroring the excursion through life. Over the mountains drifts a brilliant crown encased in a sparkling light, an image of following the Higher way and remaining consistent with one’s life reason and meaning. The angel is shown with a scepter to show her leadership and to create order and harmony.
NOTE: The Tarot card meaning portrayal depends on the Rider Waite cards. The art is by Pamela Colman Smith (1878-1944).
Temperance Upstanding
Temperance is the card for bringing equilibrium, persistence and control into your life. You are being welcome to balance out your energy and to permit the life power to flow through you without power or obstruction. Now is the right time to recuperate your flow and get your life back into request and equilibrium. You are not alone. You have the assistance of your guides, friends, family, and nature to help you. The angels are offering you assistance. Temperance has been shown holding a balance between the material and spiritual realms, and an equally balanced life.
This card approaches you to try to avoid panicking, in any event, when life feels distressing or frenzied. Keep an even demeanor and deal with your feelings. You have figured out how to keep formed in unpleasant circumstances. Now it is time to take the next step and act in the best interest of yourself and those around you, to put forth a valiant effort and to stay on the right track.
Easily overlooked details don’t get to you, because of your apparently plentiful wellspring of persistence. Your regard for equilibrium and serenity will help you accomplish and encounter satisfaction in your life.
Temperance requests that you follow the center way and oblige all points of view. This moment isn’t the opportunity to be profoundly stubborn or questionable. Be the peacekeeper and adopt a decent and moderate strategy, keeping away from any limits.
Incorporate others and unite assorted gatherings to make congruity and participation. By cooperating, you will altogether leverage the right blend of gifts, encounters, capacities and abilities. You will have the option to achieve satisfaction in your life, in spite of the obstacles in your way.
There is alchemy inside Temperance. This Tarot card is tied in with mixing, blending, and consolidating different components in a way that makes something new and, surprisingly, more important than its different parts. The King of Wands is about your ability to turn back the hands of time and make the most of the experience you have had. It is your ability to move forward and make the most of your abilities in the present.
‘Mixing’ can take on many structures; for instance, a mixed family, a craftsman who mixes different materials or procedures, a barkeep who blends intriguing mixed drinks, or a culinary specialist who consolidates different foods and cooking styles.
The Temperance card shows that you have a reasonable, long haul vision of what you need to accomplish. You are not hurrying things along; all things being equal, you are taking as much time as is needed to guarantee that you do the best work you can. You realize you want a moderate, directed way to deal with arrive at your objectives.
At last, this card reflects higher learning. You are learning an incredible arrangement where you are currently and find a sense of contentment with what you are doing – it is all approaching together well. Your internal voice is directing you to the right result, and you are calmly tuning in and following.
Career Meaning – Upstanding Temperance
Persistence and balance might be useful devices for you to accomplish your career objectives. You are probably going to find what you want with regards to your work, however it might come gradually and unobtrusively as you set forth the energy every day. You are not going to be pushed in any particular direction and you will be able to find what you are searching for.
Your commitment and capacity to explore sincerely accused circumstances at work of quiet can assist you with being seen by your friends and bosses.
With regards to making changes in your career way, the Temperance card can be a suggestion to stay patient, consistent and committed; all beneficial things take time. Temperance can likewise flag working effectively in offsetting your career with different parts of your life; it is neither an all consuming desire or simply a check to you.
Finances Meaning – Upstanding Temperance
The Temperance card can be a call to ensure that your way to deal with your finances is one of control and equilibrium. This can mean that you’ve been determined with saving, while likewise having the option to treat yourself with something you can manage every now and again. Over the long haul, you might be building your assets with consistent, tenacious saving.
Temperance Reversed
If you have as of late encountered a time of overabundance, Temperance Reversed is your greeting (or in some cases, your admonition signal) to reestablish harmony and control at the earliest opportunity.
You might have been over-eating, routinely drinking, purchasing things you can’t bear, contending with loved ones, or participating in bad thought designs. These exercises aren’t just helping you to stay in shape or improve your health. They are also helping you to better understand yourself and what you are here to do. When you have more control over your own life, you can make your dreams a reality.
It’s time for a change. As the saying goes, “Everything in moderation!” You might find that you need to commit fully to breaking this negative cycle and restoring balance to your life.
Temperance Reversed can likewise be a sign you sense that something is ‘off’ in your life, making pressure and strain. Life isn’t flowing as effectively as you had trusted or there’s a niggling voice from inside going, “Stand by a second!
This doesn’t feel right!” You can overlook it and continue with life to no one’s surprise, yet if you take Temperance’s admonition into account, you’ll realize that if you stay in this state for too long, that voice will get increasingly louder until you focus. Yet again or, you can pay attention to it now and make the vital acclimations to track down your flow. Center around your drawn out vision and higher reason and look to adjust your everyday exercises to this vision.
Temperance Reversed can be interpreted as a time for self-assessment in which you’d be wise to rethink your life needs. Inside, you might feel brought in one heading, yet your everyday existence may not coordinate to what is arising.
This is your opportunity to take your higher vibration and make it work for your external world. In order to do this, you will need to assess your life and see what changes need to be made. This can be a difficult process, but it is necessary in order to create the life that you want. You might have to change your living plans, connections, vocation, and everyday propensities so you can develop more equilibrium and reason in accordance with your new needs.
Try not to be shocked if you run into pressure or even clash as you adjust your internal and external universes; it’s a characteristic piece of the method involved with stepping up and making positive change.
The Temperance Reversed card can indicate a time when you need to focus on healing yourself. This may be a time when you are dealing with difficult emotions or a challenging life situation. The reversal of the card suggests that you are taking a private and introspective approach to healing. You have the inner strength and resources to heal and create more balance in your life. This is a time for you to give yourself the care and support that you need to recover from your current situation.

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