3 Ways to Practice Embodied Spirituality

Inner Illumination- Your Body is Sacred (3 Ways to Practice Embodied Spirituality)
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Since the earliest reference point of all strict and profound drive, there has been a profound bias against the body. Here in this blog you can find the 3 Ways to Practice Embodied Spirituality. 


The body has been called lewd, common, licentious, evil, and deceptive. Best case scenario, it has been considered simple residue, even from a pessimistic standpoint, it has been considered an entryway to Satan himself.


What’s more terrible is that when the body has been commended (like in numerous neo-tantric practices), it has been fetishised and here and there externalized.

There’s not even a shadow of a doubt: we’ve had a bizarre relationship with the body as an animal types.


On one hand, we either sentence it and attempt to oppress it – then again, we humor it to the limit. We will quite often swing from one side to the next, never appearing to track down a center ground.


Fortunately, times are evolving. We’re tired of regarding our bodies as tissue suits to be parsimoniously denied or interminably satisfied. All things considered, we’re starting to comprehend and regard our bodies’ insight, knowledge, and significant association with the reality of the real world.


We’re beginning to see that the body is a holy entryway to the Soul and the consecrated wild Spirit of Existence.


Yet, as usual, seeing our bodies as hallowed is difficult. There are heaps of acquired convictions, bias, and wounds that dark our capacity to obviously see. That, however present day spirituality – with its inclination to stress disembodied “greatness” – can make it extra difficult for us to come into a sound connection with our bodies. To this end embodied spirituality is so frantically required.


What is Embodied Spirituality?


Inner Illumination-What is Embodied Spirituality

Embodied spirituality alludes to a lived insight of spirituality that is grounded in the body. At the point when we embrace embodied spirituality, we emerge from our psyches and back into our bodies, which is instinctive, instinctual, and profoundly felt through the faculties. We see that the body isn’t simply a sanctuary of the Divine, however a living articulation of Spirit. Thusly, the body turns into a wellspring of knowledge and insight: an entryway to the inner healing of soul. The fact that we see the body as hallowed, yet we consider it to be a microcosm of God’s cosmic nature – it becomes a way to both the truly inalienable and the truly Godlike nature of the Divine.

Your Body is a Storehouse of Trauma


Inner Illumination- Your Body is a Storehouse of Trauma

As specialist Bessel Van Der Kolk writes in his book The Body Keeps Score:
The body keeps the score: … the memory of injury is encoded in the viscera, in deplorable and awful feelings, in immune system issues and skeletal/strong issues

Prestigious analyst and injury master Peter Levine proceeds to writes:
Horrible side effects influence our close to home and mental states, however our actual wellbeing also.

What’s more, as psychotherapists C. Zweig and S. Wolf wrote:
We might fail to remember a maltreatment, however the body doesn’t. Like safeguards, our bodies retain the mileage of close to home insight. We might protect against it, yet our bodies take the intensity. What’s more, gradually, over years, the examples of stress and injury collect. Unavoidably, in the event that we don’t become aware of the shadows held up in our muscles and cells, they start to tell their stories.

As may be obvious, body and psyche are not isolated. Anything that difficult experiences we go through in life are put away inside us as injury. This injury appears as muscle strain, puzzling a throbbing painfulness, body protecting and brief delays, immune system problems, and interminable different illness.
Without unloading, investigating, and delivering what’s inside our bodies, we remain frozen and unable to push forward. This is the principal justification for why fostering a well disposed way to deal with our bodies is significant – it is a center component of profound mending and change.
Your Body is a Gateway to Spiritual Wisdom

Inner Illumination- Your Body is a Gateway to Spiritual Wisdom

Our bodies are likewise a storage facility of incredible insight.

As the incomparable German logician Nietzsche once wrote:
There is more insight in your body than in your most profound way of thinking.

Also, as Buddha once said:
The body is moored in the present time and place while the psyche goes into the past and future.

Despite the fact that at a level of the center, we are not characterized by our actual blood and bones, our bodies are an unquestionably strong passage to the current second. In addition to the fact that they anchor us into the Eternal Now (thus why numerous reflection strategies center around the breath and body), yet they are likewise madly precise truth-finders. They help us to both tune-into what is valid and genuine, on an instinctive felt-level, and what is misleading.

For sure, our bodies are perfect and diverse gifts. They convey an insight that originates before the brain and an instinct that is straightforwardly lined up with the Soul.


As mythopoetic writer and clinician Marion Woodman writes,


This is your body, your most prominent gift, pregnant with shrewdness you don’t hear, sorrow you believed was neglected, and euphoria you have never known.

There is such a lot of potential for mending, disclosure, mix, and regenerative establishing on offer when we honor the body; when we practice embodied spirituality.

Be that as it may, … where do we begin?


3 Ways to Practice Embodied Spirituality
Inner Illumination- 3 Ways to Practice Embodied Spirituality

There are numerous ways of rehearsing embodied spirituality showed by a huge range of individuals.

Such methodologies take special care of various levels of the human experience going from easing persistent agony the entire way to delivering profound blockages.

A few models include:
  • Massage (biodynamic, huna, etc.)
  • Acupuncture/acupressure
  • Body-centered mindfulness and meditation
  • Somatic experiencing
  • Somatic psychotherapy
  • Breathwork
  • Dance/movement therapy
  • Yoga

Underneath I’ll momentarily investigate three of these practices:


1. Yoga


Inner Illumination-Yoga


Yoga is an old brain body-soul practice that a few history specialists date back to being 10,000 years of age. Nowadays, there are a wide cluster of ways to deal with yoga – however not every one of them are appropriate for injury mending and embodied spirituality.

While investigating yoga with the aim of gaining some insight into our bodies and gaining some experience of yoga, I prescribe even more established and delicate yoga practices -, for example, kundalini yoga. There are additionally a rising number of injured yogis out there who are doing their level best to deal with the stressors of practicing yoga with present day discoveries in psychological well-being studies. On the chance that you float unanimously toward yoga, I suggest going through yoga teachers as well as injured yoga enthusiasts close to you.


Supportive yoga is additionally another method you could get a kick out of the chance to investigate (despite the fact that I have little involvement in it), as zeroing in on loosening up the sensory system and focusing the mind is said.


Anyway, why yoga?


Yoga is a superb way to deal with embodied spirituality on the grounds that in addition to the fact that it will in general incorporate a philosophical/otherworldly component, however it likewise provides you with an immediate and instinctive comprehension of your body. It assists you with creating mindfulness of your assets and constraints, regions that hold strain and injury, as well as how to deliver that. Many individuals have encountered massive healing thanks to yoga. At its center, it can possibly be a moving type of contemplation that gets you straightforwardly in contact with the immortal insight conveyed profound inside you. It’s no big surprise that this methodology is so famous and keeps on living on after such a long breadth of time.


2. Breathwork


Inner Illumination- Breathwork


Breathwork is the act of working with your breath to quiet and clear your brain and body. This is a training that, similar to yoga, has been around from the beginning of humankind.


Advantages breathwork can include, for instance, loosening up your sensory system, improving your mind’s appetite, working on your resistance to boredom, giving you more energy, expanding imagination and spirit, and in any event, prompting mystical encounters.


As your basic extension to the Life Force energy, your breath is a strong approach to rehearsing embodied spirituality since it is constantly grounded at the time. What’s more, as you presumably know at this point (because of Eckhart Tolle and so forth), the current second is all that really exists!


There are many types of breathwork exercises out there, for example, pranayama, holotropic, rebirthing, shamanic, and basic care reflection breathing strategies.


Assuming you might want to dive deeper into this embodied spirituality approach, read our breathwork article.




Inner Illumination-Soar


SOAR is a procedure we contrived back in 2017 for exceptionally delicate and empathic individuals who battle with taking on a lot of energy from others. Yet, as a general rule, SOAR is a training that should be possible by anybody.


SOAR represents:


  • Stop – halting or giving up to what is here: just seeing what’s happening
  • Observe – observing your internal/external experience (what outside sounds/smells/colors/shapes might you at any point notice, and what inward surfaces/sentiments/sensations could you at any point get on?)
  • Allow – allow and affectionately embrace what is emerging without opposing (realizing that the thing you oppose endures)
  • Rest – rest and delivery: permit the sensations to disintegrate normally without attempting to push or power them

SOAR is tied in with staying open to the difficult or awkward feelings/sensations inside us without appending to them or having that energy stay stuck inside our bodies. This is a reflective practice that helps us to (1) practice vivacious cleanliness (2) become more grounded in our bodies and (3) remain associated with the current second. Thusly, it’s a superb way to deal with embodied spirituality.


As Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes in her strong book Women Who Run With the Wolves,


The body remembers, the bones remember, the joints remember, even the little finger remembers. Memory is held up in pictures and sentiments in the actual cells. Like a wipe loaded up with water, anyplace the tissue is squeezed, wrung, even contacted daintily, a memory might stream out in a stream.

If our bodies assume such a major role in our lives – in both putting together injury and building towering insight – doesn’t it seem worth giving them a significant role in our profound excursion? Doesn’t it check out to see this natural vessel that we as a whole convey as hallowed and commendable by its own doing?

Embodied spirituality isn’t simply a need however it is an indication of full grown, incorporated, and adjusted spirituality that doesn’t deny or enjoy the body, yet praises and regards it.


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